Forgotten Realms Headed For TV

Canadian production company Fireworks, producers of the film Rat Race as well as some syndicated sci-fi shows and an upcoming “prestige TV” movie based on the classic children’s book A Wrinkle in Time, have just licensed Forgotten Realms from Hasbro and plan to produce a live-action television series based on the setting and characters. The press release, which I can’t find a link for, doesn’t have anything specific on when it’ll go into production or on the air. Please send your opinions on casting decisions for the part of Elminster to… someone other than us.

Z-G Succumbs To Obvious, Puts Robot Parts In Tiny Cardboard Boxes
While I was looking for a link for the FR press release above, I found a different one saying the folks at Atomoton plan to have Z-G “Booster Boxes” on the market by year’s end. They’ll have an actual plastic robot part in them, to place onto your Z-G figure, and a matching card to put into your Z-G deck, plus a couple other cards. Sideskirts, bayonets and Mandible Headgear! To help reduce (or possibly add to, I don’t know) the confusion, they’ll also be publishing a $15 strategy guide. I have yet to actually play Z-G, but I greatly admire its out-of-control weirdness and hope to check it out soon, while I can still at least claim to have all the parts…