Mystic Races Headed For Stores

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that their Mythic Races hardcover supplement for D20 is back from the printer and available to order. A preview of one of the book’s races, the Pevishan, is on the website.

Bilbo’s Party, Saturday at Decipher. BYOR (Bring Your One Ring)
Decipher is hosting an online party of sorts, using the excuse of Bilbo Baggins’ “eleventy-first” birthday. All day this Saturday (the 22nd) Decipher staff will be on hand to answer any questions about the Lord of the Rings CCG and/or RPG. There will also be LotR trivia questions for prizes. Go check the birthday invite for the schedule and other info.

Nothing Says “Love” Like Eternal Horror
Just prior to announcing that GURPS WWII is in playtest (and will ship in November), Steve Jackson Games announced plans for a far more disturbing product: Cthulhu Valentines. Yep, give them to that special someone, the oh-so-rare individual who will understand you’re a gamer, and they should love you anyway.