More Legends & Lairs From FFG

Fantasy Flight has announced another book in their popular D20 line, Legends & Lairs. The latest addition to the product line is Spells and Spellcraft, a hardcover supplement focusing on… uh, spells and such. Actually, the book will get into some useful areas:

This 176-page hardcover book will offer scores of new arcane and divine spells, new metamagic feats, new clerical domains, rules for alchemical research and arcane libraries, and rules for new magical traditions.

The supplement should be arriving in stores by January 2002.

More Chainmail Figures Previewed
Over at the WotC website, there’s another sneak peek at the upcoming Chainmail game. Take a look at six more figures, bringing the grand total in the previews to 30 (5 from each faction in the game). I got a look at a few of these upclose at GenCon. Damn, I wish I could paint minis.