God In The Machine At Green Ronin

The latest Focus on Freeport is up at Green Ronin, bringing us a free adventure by Jeff Quick. Deus Ex Machina, part one (of three) is for four characters, levels 5 – 6.

Girl Genius #1 Online
The fine folks of Studio Foglio, in no small part responsible for much of the game-related artwork I’ve grown so fond of, have posted the first issue of their new comic online. Girl Genius #1 has proven so popular, it sold out long before the Foglio’s expected. So go read the first issue if you missed it, then help make issue #2 sell out as well.

October’s Horrors Brewing at SJ Games
According to the latest news from Steve Jackson Games, the GURPS Monsters supplement is almost ready to print. As we wait, SJ Games has posted a full color version of what appears to be the Headless Horseman, or some variation thereof, from the book (which will ultimately be black & white). The 128 page book will retail for $22.95, and is due to arrive in October. Of course, if that isn’t horrifying enough, you could also try GURPS Deadlands, or for the truly brave gamer, Pokethulhu miniatures. **shudder**