Mage Knight Schedule Adjusted

WizKids has announced some changes to the Mage Knight release schedule. Why the changes? “This small adjustment to our release schedule will put us right in line with the feedback we have received from retailers and consumers,” says Martin Stever, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing. “Because of some design and production delays, we were going to have too many large items shipping too closely together in November. Retailers and players we talked to told us this was a problem, so we are responding with this schedule change.” Taking it easy on gamers’ wallets during the holiday rush. How refreshing! The only early release is the new expansion for Mage Knight, Whirlwind, which has been moved up a week. The revised release schedule through the end of this year is as follows:

  • Atlantis Chariot – September 28
  • Lancers Metal Set 7 – October 5
  • Whirlwind – October 26
  • Metal Lancers Metal Set 8 – November 2
  • Black Powder Rebel Tank – November 23
  • Atlantis Guild Tank – December 14

In addition to the adjusted dates above, the Knights Immortal Chariot originally intended to release in November will be postponed until February, and the Radiant Light Dragon will wait until Spring 2002.

The Cheap Get Cheaper
Continuing the theme of going easy on gamers’ wallets, has announced an even cheaper line of games called Hip Pocket Games. The new game line will have an average price of $4 per game, and be available directly from the Cheapass website. The first Hip Pocket Game will be , a strategy boardgame for 2-4 players designed by James Ernest, which will be available in early October.

I was just thinking about this sort of thing after going to Bed, Baths & Beyond and seeing slim playing card decks inside streamlined plastic cases to protect the deck while you carry it around. Why BB&B had them, I’m not sure, and I refuse to speculate further. 🙂