Own One, Before They Own You

Chaosium has finally gotten their limited edition shipment of 20th Anniversary Call of Cthulhu. Where my office is, I have to walk through Chaosium to get to the bathroom, so I’ve seen these rare beauties firsthand. Each book’s supple green cover seemed to shift and move under my touch. I found myself keeping an eye on them as I passed by. I almost felt that they were doing the same… Well, they’re gorgeous, especially the extra-limited, named copies. I was compelled to reach for my wallet, but found nothing contained therein. So, to get my mind on something else, I noticed Chaosium’s other new release, Goatswood, which should reach stores around October 19. Any Cthulhu is better than no Cthulhu.

Releases and Remodels
According to the , which is undergoing heavy remodeling, Button Men: Samurai and Nexus will be available around the second week of October. If you made it to GenCon this year, you saw a Samurai button in the program book, and already know the set will look good. Nexus is the first Hip Pocket Game from Cheapass, cheaper and more portable. Gotta like that.

With Trick-or-Treating coming soon, Cheapass has also arranged for a selection of their undead-themed games to be packaged together in a Halloween gift pack. A special boxed edition of Parts Unknown will be included in the fun, along with “the entire Friedey’s series, Renfield, and miscellaneous appropriate Button Men.” More details will shamble onto the Cheapass site next week.

Roleplaying Tips Weekly #92
Another week, another issue. This time continues last week’s theme by supplying more .