But In Miniatures, It’s More Like The One Speck

Games Workshop has begun taking preorders for their Lord of the Rings game line. The line starts with their Fellowship of the Ring Boxed Game, a miniatures combat game that includes rules, dice and “48 highly detailed plastic miniatures.” A set of miniatures that represent the Fellowship of the Ring (Aragorn, Boromir, Frodo, Sam, Gandalf, Legolas, Pippin, Merry and Gimli) will supplement the boxed game, and will be called, appropriately enough, The Fellowship of The Ring. A third set, The Warriors of Middle-Earth, will contain 4 Men of Gondor, 8 Elves and 12 Moria Goblins.

Wolves and Turtles
Misguided Games has posted a pair of new previews for their upcoming Children of the Sun RPG: some artwork of the game’s wolf-like Luparathi, and a description of the turtle-humanoids known as Thorqua. I got dibs on Donatello.