Magic Begins A New Odyssey

The latest expansion for Magic: The Gathering, called Odyssey, is in stores now. The set boasts 350 black-bordered cards (110 rares, 110 uncommons, 110 commons, and 20 lands) with new artwork. New special abilities are also introduced: Flashback, which allows cards to be played after they’ve been placed in the graveyard, and Threshold, which alters cards when there are at least seven cards in the graveyard. The Odyssey set also begins a storyline that takes place nearly 100 years after the Apocalypse expansion. According to Wizards, “new races will emerge, and the five colors will compete to find the ‘Mirari,’ a legendary artifact of immense power.” Man, I haven’t played Magic in so long… they still have creatures, right?

Free D20 Goodness From Pinnacle
Pinnacle has posted two free D20 adventures on their site. The first is The Golem, an adventure for Weird Wars by Mark Metzner. The second is Rats in a Maze for Deadlands D20, an adventure written by Rob Lusk that was run at both Origins and GenCon this year. Both are introductory level adventures.