Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge

Isn’t that how it goes? Man, it’s been at least 18 years since I took piano lessons.

Anyway, the first issue of Fudge Factor, a free monthly magazine website for players of the Fudge RPG system, has burst onto the scene. Well, maybe “burst” isn’t the right word, but they’ve made their presence known. Hmm… Every Gamer Buys Dice Frantically?

A&E Runs Show On “Gaming Related” Murder From Long Time Ago
Geez, when are TV decision makers going to make the right decision and let this leave the airwaves? Yep, I’m afraid A&E dragged the 1988 Lieth Von Stein murder back out for public display again in an hour-long episode of City Confidential entitled “Deadly Games In Little Washington.” I saw a TV movie based on this case a while back, too, and according to this report, the cheesy TV movie did a better job of showing that Dungeons & Dragons wasn’t the cause of the murder, a whacked-out kid was. Thanks A&E, for letting sensationalism win out over common sense yet again.

Lights! Camera! Action System!
Gold Rush Games *just* launched a site for their new Action! System. What is it? Well, the site says GRG “will be releasing the Action! System rules in a master document and making a free (as in royalty-free), public license available for their use.” Ah-ha, a challenger to the almighty d20. Better design the system around a d30, just for an added advantage. 🙂

Step Into Skeleton Key’s Parlor
Skeleton Key Games has posted a new Adventure Tile of the Week: a spider’s lair. Perfect for this time of year, or for anyone who has some nifty spider minis, like me.