Atlas Takes Us A Step Beyond

Atlas Games announced their latest Penumbra title: Beyond the Veil by Monte Cook. The high-level adventure (9th and above) deals with a black dragon that just refuses to stay dead, and forces the characters into the worst of situations: sneaking up on a dragon that’s prepared. Yeah, not good. You’ll have to wait ’til December to get your hands on Cook’s latest.

In the meantime, other Atlas products will keep you occupied. En Route should be in stores this week, providing numerous adventures to harass your players with as they travel from tavern to tavern. Burning Shaolin, Atlas’ D20/Feng Shui crossover adventure, will be riding the current wave of Oriental enthusiasm to market later this month. The Last Dance, an adventure full of sorcerous music, will enter the D20 arena in November.

Mongoose Takes The Plunge
Mongoose Publishing has a new D20 product line coming up called Travellers’ Tales. The first of those Tales will be Seas of Blood: Fantasy on the High Seas. The supplement will include new prestige classes like the Buccaneer, Corsair and Navigator-Wizard. There’s also mention of Sea Druids, of Mongoose’s Open Mass Combat System, fishing rules, gnomish submersibles, sea monsters, and new magic, just to name a few highlights. There are already plans for future releases to support Seas of Blood, with titles like Ships of the Goblinoids, Ships of the Elves and The Slayer’s Guide to Sahuagin. The seas will start running red in December.

In November, the Mongoose machine rolls out two more D20 hits: Gladiator and The Slayer’s Guide to Troglodytes. As a kid, I used to live next to some troglodytes who’d yell at anyone who stepped on their lawn. Ah, the memories…