Gary Gygax’s Necropolis Coming to Necromancer

It’s only fitting that Necromancer Games would announce a resurrection of Necropolis, originally written by Gary Gygax. Originally released 10 years ago, Necropolis will be revamped for the new version. Intended as both a sourcebook and epic adventure for levels 10-18, the 224 page hardcover book is scheduled for July 2002. “Imagine a huge desert wilderness adventure culminating in the Tomb of Horrors on crack-that about describes Necropolis,” said Necromancer’s Bill Webb. Other than new magic items, monsters, gods, and spells, the book will detail “hundreds of miles of an ancient desert kingdom.” Egyptian-themed epic quest, eh? I’m there.

Metal Lancers and Whirlwind League
WizKids has posted info on the new Mage Knight Metal Sets 6 & 7, which look quite nice. I’d use them in an RPG, except they look a bit odd to me with their metal, notched base, modeled after the regular MK bases. To assist those new to painting their miniatures, part four of a painting guide is also on the Mage Knight site. There’s also details on the Whirlwind Sealed Booster Tournament, coming up on November 9–11, which is a National Qualifier event for the US Championship held at Origins 2002 next July.