Xro Dinn Quickplay Posted

Ionian Games Studio has posted quickplay rules for its upcoming RPG release, The Xro Dinn Chronicles. For a taste of the hard sci-fi game before its November ship date, head over to their site.

AEG To Produce Rokugan D20 Supplement
Earlier today, AEG announced plans to publish Rokugan: The Legend Of The Five Rings RPG d20 System Companion. (whew!) In my mind, this book was pretty much a given, considering that Rokugan was the L5R setting, and is now the D&D3e Oriental Adventures setting as well. The 224 page hardcover supplement, which describes new core classes, prestige classes, skills, feats, and spells, “picks up where Oriental Adventures leaves off, going ever deeper into the world of the Emerald Empire.” L5R/D&D3e conversion rules are included of course, making the book more attractive to players of either system.