Clowns Shown To Be Gamers’ Worst Nightmare

Should’ve known how you Simpsons fanatics would vote. In response to the question “What keeps you up at night?”, over 63% said “CAN’T SLEEP, CLOWN’LL EAT ME.” About 9.5% were concerned about affording all the special editions coming out lately, and 7.9% of voters wish they were Frodo. Sad, really. 🙂

The new poll will be up soon.

What About Valley Of The Gwangi?
Gamers interested in trying some prehistoric resource management (and some warfare on the side) will be happy to hear that Valley of the Mammoths will be arriving as part of the Eurogames line from Descartes Editeur. VotM is a 10 year old French wargame designed by Bruno Faidutti, much sought after by those who know of it. If you want your tribe to win, you’ll have to do well at hunting, avoiding disasters, attacking your enemies, and even mating (!). The game will accomodate 3-6 players, should be available this December, and is almost certainly cheaper than the other tribal game we saw at Origins.