Witchfire 3 Art Preview

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the finale of Privateer Press’ Witchfire Trilogy, well, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. It seems the massive amount of materials being crammed into WT 3: The Legion of Lost Souls has caused a slight delay in the 64 page book’s release, pushing it back to early November. To appease all the fans of the Iron Kingdoms, Privateer has posted a piece of preview art from the adventure which depicts Capt. Julian Helstrom in action.

Mutating D20
The Darwin’s World RPG has been announced, a D20 game written and illustrated by Dominic Covey, who’s known for his work on RPG Archive. The setting is described as “a world after the fall of mankind, filled with bizarre mutants and rampant environmental dangers (radiation, chemical poisons, mutated diseases), where characters struggled to survive among the ashes of the so-called ‘Ancients.'” Sound kinda like Gamma World to anyone else?