White Wolf: “We’re Number One! We’re Number One!”

ICV2 has the scoop, because they always do: “In the White Wolf presentation at the Diamond/Alliance Retailer Summit in Las Vegas last week, Director of Sales Fred Yelk announced that, ‘White Wolf Publishing is determined to become the #1 independent publisher of d20 products.’ The company is scaling up to be able to produce five d20 products per month in 2002.” I have a feeling that 2002 for d20 is going to look and feel like the WWF – lots of smack-talk, drama and big players. Given Sword and Sorcery/Necromancer Games/Fiery Dragon/Malhavoc Press, the Arthaus brand Ravenloft is under, and White Wolf itself, they could easily become the biggest d20 publisher without anyone’s actually noticing how huge they are. On the other hand, they could also do it solely by recycling old products, as the ICV2 article goes on to imply.