Pokemon Craze Returns From Grave To Feast On Flesh Of Living

As long as we’re at ICV2, check this: Yu-Gi-Oh, the show and game that unseated Pokemon as the one true god of the youth of Japan, has come to America and is already getting huge ratings. One interesting piece of news is that Yu-Gi-Oh is even more fiendishly tied in with its associated product than Pokemon was, relating the purchasable CCG cards directly to the successes and failures of the plot’s protagonist (as a result, the show had to be cut – boohoo, otaku – to comply with kids’-programming regulations here in the States). What’s next? A show that plots itself, Torg-like, based on the aggregated results of actual tournament games? A show in which a young boy must collect and marshal tiny heroic figures with little dials in their bases, or else he’ll never defeat his evil father and take his rightful place beside his queen-mother on the throne? Jeez.