Rogue Publishing Offers Trip Directly to Hell

Rogue Publishing, an interesting e-publisher which splits its time between reprinting classic swashbuckling fiction and releasing new role-playing products, has just announced the availability of a new adventure: The Collectors: The Burning House. This 81-page PDF file costs $4.50 to download, which is a pretty good deal considering it contains the complete rules of Fudge plus a full-length adventure. In it, the players are cast as novice “collectors,” demons sent to pick up a soul on Earth and bring it to Hell. This mission works as a stand-alone adventure or as the start of a longer campaign, and it should make an interesting change of pace from just about any regular campaign. With Halloween rapidly approaching, players may also want to check out the company’s first RPG release: Priceless, a stand-alone live-action role-playing adventure containing quite a few good scares.