WebRPG Needs Women! Uh, I Mean Money!

October 26th, 2001: Mike Sugarbaker says...
WebRPG Needs Women! Uh, I Mean Money!

Gamegrene‘s on a roll. This opinion piece on the stripped-down online RPG tool WebRPG is interesting and should raise some hackles (and harvest plenty of WebRPG alternatives in the comments section – hey, there’s one), but it’s really about software and the Internet more than it’s about… you know… us. The debate about “beta” software and free services has been a hot one for a while. I’m not sure what I make of gamerchick’s take, but then, I’ve never used WebRPG and can’t say if it’s worth paying for. This makes me wanna wander back over to the Neverwinter Nights page and make sure they’re still on schedule…

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