The Gables Launching Halloween Night

We’ve sent out the press release, so you now know what I’ll be doing Halloween night: launching RPGnet’s first Chat Theatre, The Gables. More info will be along soon, but until then, just plan on skipping all that boring partying and trick-or-treating in favor of some online fun with us, between 4 pm – 10 pm PST.

Fool’s Paradise Arrives
In case you hadn’t noticed the Halloween decor (see our hapless adventurer in the upper left corner), you should know that horror is on everyone’s mind this week. Just in time to assist with your fear-inducing fun comes Fool’s Paradise, the latest supplement for Principia Malefex. The supplement contains new fiction, six new scenarios, and info on the most dreaded of all places, the suburbs. Get into this game of modern horror set against the backdrop of Britain, and allow yourself to be scared silly by something other than anthrax for a while.

Gaming Night at the Improv
The new issue of Roleplaying Tips Weekly covers one of my favorite subjects: gamemaster improvisation. I reached the point where I hate fudging dice rolls, ’cause I want to be surprised by the results just as much as the players. I’d rather take the chance that I’ll have to change the adventure to accomodate the results of combat than know how everything’s going to work out ahead of time.