Tri-Stat Tekumel Delayed Until May

has updated its release schedule for early 2002, which among other things revealed the delayed release date of Tekumel: Empire of the Petal Throne under the Tri-Stat system. Now coming in May, the book has swelled to an estimated 304 page and increased its pricetag to at least $44.95. I hope it’s good… and in hardcover.

Canting Crew Preview
Troll Lord Games has posted a nine page preview of their RPG sourcebook The Canting Crew by Gary Gygax. The preview “includes… criminal classifications, the cant, the medieval city, and crimes and punishments,” as well as the Vanguard, a new prestige class. I was surprised to hear it would also have a new “Optional Order” for Gygax’s Lejendary Adventure system, showing that while the book “is usable in any game system,” it favors two above all others. Coming out any day now according to TRG’s site, the hardcover sourcebook clocks in at 200 pages, and will likely be priced at $34.95.