Wheel Of Time RPG Page Launched At WotC

After the all-too-busy holidays, I finally got around to checking out the new Wheel of Time RPG page on the WotC website. Some interesting stuff, especially if you’ve read the books. I’ll be interested to see if the page gets updated regularly. It’d be nice to see a new game receive the support it deserves instead of giving up on it prematurely.

Open Call For Fading Suns D20 Creature Book
Holistic Design is looking for submissions for its upcoming release, Lord Erbian’s Stellar Bestiary. As a collection of creatures for both Fading Suns and Fading Suns D20, the book will have dual stats for each creature presented. If you’ve got a handle on both game systems, head over to Holistic’s site for more details.

Dragonstar Preview At FFG
Fantasy Flight Games has posted some preview materials from their science-fantasy D20 RPG Dragonstar. Written by Matt Forbeck and Greg Benage, the game is now due to come out in late December. This game line seems far more likely to thrive than TSR’s ill-conceived Spelljammer line. But then again, it’d be hard not to.

SJ Games March Releases Announced
The word on the street — well, on the SJ Games website, actually — is these products should show up in stores next March:

Looks like next March will be a good month.

Pipes In Your Pocket
Or are you just happy… no, I can’t do it. Sorry.

has added a second game to their Hip Pocket Games product line, but fans of Cheapass will recognise the game as an old friend. Yep, is back from the depths of out-of-printness, is slightly more compact, cheaper, and has a few new cards. Grab a copy.