Bastion Press To Support RPGA’s Living City

Ryan Dancey of OrganizedPlay issued a press release today that answers questions of adventure support of the Living City setting:

OrganizedPlay, Inc., a developer of software supporting game player networks, and licensee of the RPGA Living city of Raven’s Bluff campaign, announced today that it has entered into a long-term development agreement with Bastion Press, Inc., in support of the Living City campaign. Through this agreement, Bastion Press will create scenarios for use with the Living City campaign. Each month, Bastion will deliver five scenarios: one for low-level characters, three for a wide range of character levels, and a fifth for high-level characters.

So WotC alum Jim Butler, who founded Bastion Press, will be extending his D20 involvement to Raven’s Bluff. I got nothin’ against that.