Dancing and Darkspyre

Matthew has given us two more d20 reviews to round out the year with. The first is The Last Dance, a ghostly mystery of an adventure from Atlas Games. Our second review is of Assault on Darkspyre from Hammerdog Games, wherein the players help bring down an archmage’s fortress because his neighbors don’t like magic. Can’t we all just get along?

Once Bitten, Twice Eden
Got two Eden Studios tidbits for ya. First, the official website for Eden’s upcoming Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG is up, but there isn’t much there yet. Second, a single errata correction for the KoDT: HACK! Card Game has been posted here. You may now resume playing.

Speaking of Errata…
Wizards of the Coast has posted the updated errata from the Fighters and Monks book, Sword & Fist. I suspect it’s a bit more than replacing accidental usage of “feet” with “feat,” but I haven’t read through the corrections yet. 🙂