He Only Read It For The Articles, Honest

Apparently, there are some words in The Slayer’s Guide to Amazons too, and if you’d rather someone else read them for you, we’ve got you covered. Hence, Matthew Pook hits you with a review. You’re welcome.

WH40K CCG FAQ – Well, Actually Just Rules, But How Could I Not Type That
A reasonably complete sketch of the rules to the Warhammer 40K card game are online at Sabertooth Games. I still haven’t gotten to play with my deck, but it looks like an interesting game with some bluff to it. Although it’s played across five distinct territories, it doesn’t really look like a positional game. There are some pretty deeply positional CCGs, though, which I’m currently looking into to inform my Vortex review, which I will finish in a week or two, thank you. Anyway. There is also a WH40K CCG FAQ, sort of, which actually looks helpful.