Catchy News Title #1: Living City Registration Is Organized

The OrganizedPlay website has just posted a Living City campaign page. Registration software for Living City events is now up and running, though the credit card functions may not calculate your charges quite right, so watch yourself. Still no graphic design elements on the site, really, but those aren’t nearly as important as getting everything else ready.

Demonic Invasion At Fast Forward
Fast Forward Games has posted new info on their next d20 supplement, Demonic Lairs, along with a look at the cover art. According to the description, the book “details ten devilish and demonic creatures and where these horrific monsters live their day-to-day lives, with complete details of their guards, their treasures, and the secrets they hide. These historical tanar’ri and baatezu are drawn from the Encyclopedia of Demons & Devils (but that volume is not required for play).” Lairs is available now, as is a demonic sample of five selections from the Encyclopedia.

Necromantic News
Necromancer Games has a pair of significant blips on the news radar. Necromancer’s Clark Peterson and Bill Webb will be chatting at the WotC chat area tomorrow night (January 8) at 5pm PST. Of particular interest during the chat will be their discussion of Necropolis by Gary Gygax, the next big d20 supplement the company is working on. Also, Necromancer has launched a new messageboard for their fans.