Hostile Climes For D20 & Other PEG Action

Seems that Pinnacle is working on a new d20 series designed to work with any setting (read:generic) entitled Hostile Climes. The series will concentrate on a particular kind of environment in each book, using new rules, feats, skills, equipment, and some of those new prestige classes all the kids are talking about these days. Each book will also revolve around a primary location that can be dropped into any campaign, and a full-length adventure making use of said location. The first in the series, Depths of Despair, is targeted for release in April. What can we expect when it arrives (other than water)? PEG gives us this teaser:

“…a notorious pirate captain has founded a city of outlaws at the bottom of a mysterious and seemingly permanent hole in the ocean that’s over a mile wide. How this strange whirlpool got there is anyone’s guess, but if the heroes hope to survive their visit to this submerged kingdom, they’re going to have to find out—or die trying!

Depths of Despair will be written by industry veteran Matt Forbeck, and will be followed by a Tim Beach Hostile Clime of “ice and freezing death.”

In other PEG news, Weird Wars: Dead From Above and Deadlands HOE: City ‘o Sin are both shipping now, so grab yours while the grabbing’s good.