White Wolf And Camarilla At Each Other's Throats?

White Wolf and the official live-action Vampire club The Camarilla aren’t getting along too well of late. The problems between the two seem to be caused by an inability to agree on the terms of a contract. The Camarilla, a world-wide organization of gamers playing the Mind’s Eye Theater LARP, had some concerns about losing control of the club, due in part to vague wording and a dispute over ownership of the member list. These concerns were voiced to the club membership by Camarilla President Shae Porr. White Wolf President Mike Tinney has responded by saying that “At several key points, we have agreed to sign a new contract, only to have the volunteers who sit on the board of directors back out at the moment of commitment.”

White Wolf has launched a new page for the fan club, which it claims to be assuming control of. Members have been asked to send their reports to White Wolf instead of the existing club network. The company has also extended all existing memberships until January 1st, 2004, which could have the side-effect of starving the current Camarilla leadership’s cash flow. In response, the Camarilla has filed suit against White Wolf.

I don’t claim to know who’s right, I’m just reporting it. My name’s Paul, and this is between y’all.

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