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Star Wars Attack of the Clones TCG First Look

Tuesday, April 30th, 2002

So I bought the two-player starter because it was so damned cheap, for the sole reason of reporting on it… then I forgot to report on it! But it’s okay because I’m pretty sure it’s all still the same! Here’s the deal: combat reminds me somewhat of . Cards act in descending order of speed, no matter who controls them. Your strength is how many dice you get to roll, and for each die that comes up 4 or above, you deal a point of owies. Allan worried that this would make luck dominate, but it feels to me (without having played) that luck will just be the main factor you weigh to make your tactical decisions, like in Formula De. And really, when you’re rolling six dice at a shot, your odds of rolling really bad for very long are pretty low. Also, the dice thing lets them have Critical Hits, which always make the kids scream in nearly sexual glee.

Anyway you’re having these combats on three fronts: characters, ground units, and space units. Shades of The Queen’s Gambit, and possibly the only way a Star Wars game should be designed from here forward. I love it when games tell us valuable things about other cultural artifacts. Games as criticism? Huh. There’s a Force track of points that you get reissued every turn, and those get slurped up by card special abilities, mainly. Looks like a strong game, slightly less complex than the fundamentals of Magic without being at all Magic-like. Are CCGs back in the saddle?

Inner City Lemmings Going Online

Monday, April 29th, 2002

Inner City Games has a new deal with Gametable Online to create a multi-player online version of Lemmings in Space. A beta version should be ready by mid- to late October. Soon, players will be killing their rodent space crews through their computers. Roast a few over a solar flare for me.

Excellent Non-Gaming News
Now that I’ve finally got a DVD player, this news makes me very happy. “This is mine, and this is mine, and all this is mine…”

Confounded Furriners! Why Can’t They Just Talk American?

Monday, April 29th, 2002

Several readers emailed to let me know that The Dark Eye, the RPG mentioned yesterday, is probably Das Schwarze Auge, a popular fantasy RPG in Germany. I should have looked more closely at all the German-language stuff on the FanPro home page, seeing as how I linked to it and all. So apparently there’s an English version coming out, maybe, which one reader claims was showcased last Gen Con as “Chronicles of Aventuria.” Another reader says you can also get a taste of the game world in a computer RPG called Realms of Arcadia, though searching on that again turned up nothing. Thanks to everyone who wrote to school us. See, this is what I love about Internet journalism – it’s really about aggregating the knowledge of the readers, as well as the editors.

Fast Forward To Distribute Shadowrun, BattleTech, Dark Eye

Sunday, April 28th, 2002

Missed this news earlier in the week: Fast Forward, FanPro, and FASA “announced together that they have entered into an agreement allowing Fast Forward to be the sales and distribution arm for the Classic Battletech game, the Shadowrun roleplaying game and The Dark Eye roleplaying game with all new releases in the future; and that existing FASA and FanPro inventory on those lines as well as Vor, Crucible, Crimson Skies, and Battletech/Shadowrun novels will be available from Fast Forward starting May 1, 2002.” You don’t see separation between developers and publishers too often in the paper-games industry, but it appears that FanPro’s relationship with FFE will be analogous to what you see in video gaming: one company does the creation, another does the selling. Several diligent Google searches turned up nothing on what The Dark Eye actually is or was; maybe I’m clueless, but it looks like the rest of the world is too. Fun!

Silver Age Sentinels Mounts D20 Second-Wave Assault

Saturday, April 27th, 2002

have announced that they’ll be following up the release of their Tri-Stat System superhero RPG with a D20 version in time for Gen Con. If I were them, I’d pull a Godlike and throw them both in the same edition, but maybe Godlike’s presence in the same genre is a good reason not to.

This Is Sick With A Capital S

Friday, April 26th, 2002

The first of the Four Horsemen has been found. In Canada. Some might remember WizKids Games‘ Find the Four Horsemen Contest. The basics of it are that WizKids has made a very few Mage Knight figures of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. Wizkids put these figures in its latest Mage Knight expansion, Sinister. Not only are the Horsemen incredibly rare in their own right, but the lucky gamer(s) that gets all four together first and gets a picture taken of them wins an all expense paid trip to Gencon. So what does the Canadian do?

He puts it on eBay. The auction is here. You can draw your own conclusions about Canada.

So the sum of it is that all I have to do to go to Gen Con for free is to buy four $1000 soft plastic figures on eBay?!? I’m so there!

A slight update. Technically, the one on eBay probably isn’t the first. All four have been found in various parts of the country although no one has brought them together as of yet. For more information take a look at MKRealms.

RPGs prohibited in Brazilian City

Friday, April 26th, 2002

I found this thread over at the EN World forums. The situation is that recently a law banning all Roleplaying Games from the Brazilian City of Vila Velha was approved and signed into law despite the best efforts of a gamer named Tiago. There is an attempt to invalidate the law underway but until its success RPGs are banned from the city. A link was also provided to a Portuguese gaming site that was first posted. Thanks to Claudio Pozas for first posting the situation at EN World.

In The Grim Darkness Of The Far Future, There Is Only… Tango!

Thursday, April 25th, 2002

So I actually got to play the Warhammer 40,000 CCG last night. It’s hard to describe why this game feels innovative, because it does, despite the fact that the tactics and battle mechanics all feel ripped out of other games, which themselves were not that innovative. I haven’t wanted to say it, but I think it does boil down to the fact that you don’t get to keep a hand of cards. Every time you fill your hand with cards in the 40K CCG, you pretty much play them onto the table immediately, or you use them for the secondary battle ability printed upside down on the bottom, then discard what you don’t use. You also deploy a lot of guys face down, and you don’t get to look at them thereafter. So it’s blindness all the way around until you actually fight over one of the five territories on the table. This gives the game a rhythm of sorts, that feels very much like the kind of seat-of-the-pants thinking that a far-future general would have to do. So much of this game is very simple, but it has the potential for real depth.

The trick to that, though, is game balance. I played the Orks starter, against the Imperial Guard starter from the new Coronis Campaign set. I think the Guard pretty much owns. It didn’t seem like Aaron even had to try to end up with cards that complemented each other perfectly. He’d played the game before and I hadn’t, but still. The Guard is just infantry, infantry, infantry and tanks, tanks, tanks, and they all had special abilities to help each other out (these kinds of synergies are crucial – there aren’t any really monstrous overpowered units in the starters, but you can pull some strong, strong combos with common cards). So I know which one I’m playing next time.

I don’t really have the cash to be involved in a collectible game right now, but I am thinking about checking out another starter or two to see if there are other potential balance problems between factions. Yeah. That’s it. Anyway, if you’re looking for collectible kinds of action, you could do a lot worse than 40K. (And as an added bonus, you won’t be sending any of that money out of the game industry in the form of enormous licensing fees.)

Cyberpunk V.3 Delayed. Again

Wednesday, April 24th, 2002

As the new guy this’ll be my first post. Let’s hope I don’t break anything. 🙂

At R.Talsorian Games a recent rant by Lisa updates the status of a number of RTG products. Most noticeable is the delay (again) of Cyberpunk V.3. The reason given being creator Mike Pondsmith’s 12-hour workdays working on the upcoming Crimson Skies XBOX game. Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it before. 😉 A new release date hasn’t been set but Cyberpunk V.3 is still in the works and has been promised along with several supplements to follow up on the new edition. Also of note is a new edition of Castle Falkenstein in a mass-market paperback with select bits of Comme Il Faut included. That’s incredibly cool (I’m not quite sure why, but it is…). On top of it all RTG will be releasing an Original Mobile Suit Gundam book. A combined RPG and sourcebook, the “timeline is considered definitive.” I wouldn’t know; Gundam just doesn’t strike my fancy. However, for those of you who do love Gundam dearly, look for it in August.

Personally I’m holding out for Cyberpunk V.3. I want it. I want it now. If I have to to break out into a Veruca Salt song and dance number to get it I will. I swear. And no one wants to see that. Least of all me. 🙂

WizKids Updates
If you’ve somehow managed to miss them, here they are. A slew of updates for WizKids Games‘ upcoming Heroclix: Infinity Challenge. The Superhero Collectible Miniatures Game set in the universe of Marvel Comics. First on the list is a set of Play tips for Spiderman. Second is the actual Rule Book and Super Powers Card so you aren’t able to say you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into. And to top off the Heroclix news is the announcement of the release party at 11:30pm April 30th at WizKids Games itself. If you’re in the area what’s your excuse? Get down there. Take pictures. Send them to us. Coincidentally all of this arrives at almost the same time as Spiderman: The Movie. Coincidence? Yeah, right.

Excuse me while I drool in anticipation.

Also on the WizKids front is a picture of the Forestry Mech and a glimpse at the contents of the Starter and Booster box both from the upcoming Mechwarrior: Dark Age. And for budding game designers, there’s also a job posting located here.

Alien Abduction, Free of Charge

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002

The Penny Games site has released a new free game: Alien Abduction, an entry in the Unequal Forces board game competition. This two-player strategy game pits a human player controlling two genetically-enhanced and well-armed individuals against a legion of replicating little alien monsters. You can play it with Chess and Reversi pieces or you can print out a special PDF-format board and piece set available on the web site with the rules. Either way, it looks like good fun for fans of Checkers-style games who are looking for a little more complication than usual.

Enter The Viking Enters Stores

Thursday, April 18th, 2002

Hard to get my mind around the idea that I’ll be thirty in less than two hours. Hoo-boy.

This week, Atlas Games brings on the norsemen again with Enter the Viking, an 80-page sourcebook for Rune. With “ten cushion encounters and a plot encounter sequence,” the vikings in your game will be busy for a while. Chris Aylott (Crouching Wizard, Smashing Hammer) and Michelle A. Brown Nephew (editor of multiple product lines at Atlas) both contributed to the mayhem contained within the tome, so I’ll certainly be getting a copy. What better way to forget your age than smashing all who stand before you? Ooh, wait, now no one’s going to come to my party. Forget I said that. 😉

French People Threaten To Give Roleplaying Award

Wednesday, April 17th, 2002

GROG stands for “Guide du Roliste Galactique” – “Roleplayer’s Guide to the Galaxy,” according to the press release. It also nicely suggests “grognard,” a French term long used to describe hardcore wargamers, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is that the nominees for the Grog d’Or, an award title that ought to remind you of a certain coastal film festival, have just been announced. This almost-totally-intelligible list of nominees features some names you should recognise, including a few that haven’t made it to the US just yet. The award winner will be announced May 8th.

Spelljammer D20. Be Afraid…

Tuesday, April 16th, 2002

The May issue of Dungeon/Polyhedron dares to go back to the Spelljammer setting, revised for the D20 System. The 46-page section details prestige classes, feats, skills, equipment, different uses for spells, several planets, and a bunch of spelljamming ships to cruise through space in. But some of the stranger parts of the original setting have (thankfully) been removed. As Polyhedron editor Erik Mona puts it, this supplemental material “is not the Spelljammer of 1989. It isn’t meant to be. It’s a re-interpretation of material designer Andy Collins and I enjoyed the first time around.” Thank goodness for interpreters.

Shamans, Shamans Everywhere

Monday, April 15th, 2002

Mongoose Publishing has announced details of the first book in their Encyclopedia Divine series, Shaman, due out in May. This seems to mirror the style of the Encyclopedia Arcane series, introducing new magic theories and prestige classes. The second in the Divine series, Fey Magic, will follow in June. As a GM, I wonder how my players will react to Mongoose’s take on shamans as compared to Green Ronin‘s take on them (with their Shaman’s Handbook, due in stores this month). Most likely, we’ll end up using some details from both. We’re gluttons for punishment. 🙂

Roleplaying Tips Weekly # 119
In the latest issue, Roleplaying Tips Weekly takes on a rather fun-yet-difficult topic: GMing powerful characters.

Atlas Spans Globe, Brings African Adventures

Friday, April 12th, 2002

This August, Atlas Games will bring Nyambe: African Adventures to the d20 System. According to today’s press release, the 256-page book (16 of which in full color) will have a variety of goodies. I’ll give you their PR laundry list on it; too many weirdly spelled words for me:

  • Twelve new human tribal cultures and six variant non-human races, like the brown-skinned, tailed Wakyambi elves who meddle in the affairs of men from the depths of the bIda rainforest.
  • New core class variants and prestige classes change druids into shamen who worship the natural orisha spirits and are as comfortable in the skin of a panther as in humanoid form.
  • New skills and feats like Ancestral Blessing, Drum Dancer, Elephant Warrior, and Fire Blood are the heritage of every Nyamban, as well as new weapons, armor, and equipment designed for a tropical climate where the heat of the vast savannah is more dangerous than an enemy’s spear.
  • The spirit-worship of the mortals has called upon the orisha for new spells and domains such as Darkness, Exile, Fertility, Lightning, and Plague ever since the Dark Time when the Overpower ascended into the sky on the web of a giant spider.
  • Mad omurogo wizards contemplate the contents of mojuba bags to prepare their divination spells, and new magic items like zombi powder turn fallen warriors into true zombis that keep a hideous memory of their former lives. Ritual masks let the wearer become an orisha, and vodou nkisi statues hurl powerful curses at those who dare to use them.
  • And in the dark interior of the continent lurk creatures never before seen by the men of the tamed north lands … ravenous beasts of the jungle and desert are only the beginning of the danger that awaits those who walk the lands of Nyambe!

I had a look at an early draft of the book at GTS last month, and have to admit that Nyambe is the first book to make me think I might want to run an African-themed campaign. Stylish artwork, a rich setting, and a bright green cover with a dire lion on it! This just may live up to (or even exceed) the $37.95 MSRP.