Marvel HeroClix First Look

Okay. We’ll make this quick. First: it‘s played on a square map, like Dungeons. Apart from that, it resembles MK in the basics: players trade actions, an action is either ranged attack, melee, or pass. There are other, subtler differences, though. One player tells me that ganging up on a larger unit isn’t as helpful in HeroClix – the Hulk, for example, can just swat a whole buch of guys away, which is very heroic, I guess. Also, the flying guys have flying bases with little elevation thingies you can click up and down, and they’re really, really hard to move. At least you can take the flying figure off. Also, another inveterate MKer here at the store says the Scarlet Witch is the best value in the set. But if you lose games or money based on that info, don’t come crying to me.