Darn Fun Leaps Into Spotlight

Newcomer Darn Fun Games has just announced the release of three new games that seem right up my alley. The three games the company has started off with are Roadkill!, “a free board game with a sick automotive hunting twist,” A Cold Day In Hell, “a race to find the Devil’s winter coat,” and Reach Out and Slap Someone, a game of competing telemarketing firms (frightening, but true). All three games are available through the Darn Fun Games website, through RPGNow.com, or through the new RPG.net Mall. Watch for more from Darn Fun, as they intend to hit us with at least one new game on the first of every month.

Second Set of Gloranthan Classics Minis Released
Dark Ages Miniatures and Issaries, Inc. have announced a second set of the Gloranthan Classics Miniatures. According to the press release, “these miniatures are part of the 25th anniversary re-casting of the first licensed Gloranthan figures originally produced by Archive Miniatures between 1976 and 1980.” The second set of miniatures contains the following:

  • GLO-011 Water Wyrm Dragon $ 20.00
  • GLO-012 Delecti the Necromancer $ 2.50
  • GLO-013 Centaur with club $ 5.00
  • GLO-014 Centaur with bow $ 5.00
  • GLO-015 Centaur with axe $ 5.00
  • GLO-016 Jar-Eel the Razoress $ 2.50
  • GLO-017 Serpent Guardian $ 2.50
  • GLO-018 Walktapus $ 6.00
  • GLO-019 Grazelander Shaman $ 2.50
  • GLO-020 Ironhoof the Centaur $ 5.00

All ten figures can be ordered for $46 + $10 shipping, which saves you about $10 overall. The third set of re-released miniatures is currently scheduled to be available in August.

More Gloranthan News
Issaries also has news of Glorantha’s new game system, HeroQuest. No, not the old boardgame with the plastic monsters; we’re talking major heroic events here. As the FAQ says, instead of doing a second edition of HeroWars, the new, streamlined rules were developed into HeroQuest (which doesn’t have a set release date yet). To get a firsthand look at the new game, consult the company’s convention game schedule and get yourself to Origins or GenCon. Or wait for it to arrive in stores, I guess. Or knock on Issaries’ door every day, like I plan to.