Blight Magic Review Posted

In our latest review, Joe gives us a look inside the tainted world of Blight Magic from Mystic Eye Games. The concept reminds me of the Defiler mages from TSR’s Dark Sun setting, though MEG has taken it much further. Have a look.

Fantasy Flight To Publish Dragon Ball Z Board Games
It had to happen eventually: the ultra-popular Dragon Ball Z animated series will enter boardgame form, courtesy of Fantasy Flight Games. FFG currently has plans for “several small fast-paced board games” under the title of Dragon Ball Z Battle! Boardgame. Personally, I can’t stand the show, but I’ll hold out hope that the games might still be enjoyable.

Get Yer Crimson Bat Beanie Babies! Get Yer Bats Here!
You can never have enough Glorantha stuff, and now Issaries has announced an arrangement that will keep us all well supplied for a while. Greydog Designs is now marketing Gloranthan rune stones, pendants, and yes, beanie babies (or rice babies, in this case). Little Dragonnewts, Walktapi, and even the Crimson Bat itself are available in cuddly, plush form. For this, and ONLY for this, I might break my rule against ever buying a beanie critter for purposes other than burning it in effigy.

Oh Good. I Haven’t Questioned Reality Yet Today…
Politically Incorrect Games is being somewhat mysterious about its upcoming psychological horror RPG, Novus Paradigma, which is currenly in development. I’ll let you gather what you can from the description:

Reality is made up of 3 truths: cosmic (the gamemaster decides this), personal (the characters experience this), and shared (the characters decide what is shared with the others in their group).
Characters form their own self-empowerment meditation group and assist each other in reaching enlightenment. But, everything has a price. With knowledge and power comes a new reality; one which only offers glimpses and shadows. Perceptions become changed and faith soon takes over. What one person observes as an angel, another could visualize as a demon, or even an extra-terrestrial.

Obviously, this will require more investigation once PI Games has posted more info on its website. ‘Cuz I’m confused.