New Lost Colony Novel from Pinnacle

I must admit that I don’t quite know anything about these books, but I am sure that someone does.  Banshee Screams is available from Pinnacle. Banshee Screams was written by Clay and Susan Griffith, writers of several TICK comics from New England Comics.  SPOOOOOOOON!!!

GAMA Europe Game Trade Show Postponed
GAMA says NO to French translations of Cowtown Creator and other important US gaming secrets.  Well not exactly.  GAMA has announced that it is postponing the European Game Trade Show (GTS) GAMA’s Board of Directors and Executive Director Mark Simmons have agreed to delay the show by one year.  In a press release GAMA indicated that after such a successful Origins 2002 they wanted to step back and analyze costs before undertaking such a huge project.
Mr. Simmons stated: “GAMA is dedicated to this show. We have a hotel contract already, which is simply being shifted to the 2004 dates. We ask everyone to have patience with us. We know we can do a much better job of launching GTS Europe, plus better serve our members and the industry, by delaying one year.”

So anyone who was waiting for GURPS Russia in Russian (yes I know it is out of print but I like the imagery) will have to wait a bit longer.