D20! Here Comes D6. HALO to the Rest of You!

In the tradition of the D20 Open Game License, Eternal Tempest has released their core rules, HALO. Eternal Tempest is giving away the system for any game company or designer to use.  They have posted the core rule files and usage guidelines on their site for download.  The system has been the backbone of the Metalface game.

Book of the Righteous off to the Printer
Green Ronin‘s big August release is off to the printer.  In anticipation of Book of the Righteous, Green Ronin has published some goodies for us.  First an interview with Book of the Righteous designer Aaron Loeb.  Second, a two page preview from the book itself, showing off one of the many myths to be found in the book.  They are teasing us further by letting us know to look out for an entire sample church.  For those not in the know, Book of the Righteous is planned as a huge, hardback containing twenty fully developed churches for you to drop into any D20 campaign.  I wonder if they will take a swipe at Cthulhu again.

Games Workshop Releases New Evil Car
Well not a car, but they have redesigned their Space Marine Predator Tank.  Designed for WarHammer 40K games, the tank can be configured in either Annihilator or Destructor.  Can we get this thing made in rush hour in St. Louis mode?