Origins Photo Gallery Posted

Mike took the digital camera along to Origins a week or so back, and now we’re showing you what he saw. Have a look-see at OgreCave’s Origins 2002 Photo Gallery. And if you feel tempted to push any little girls into the spike-lined trap, you’re a sick, sick individual. Welcome to the club. 🙂

November At Goodman Games
With The Complete Guide to Velociraptors shipping now (the cover art makes me think of Torg‘s Living Land), Goodman Games has announced two more d20 products targeting a November release. The Aerial Adventure Guide series by Mike Mearls will continue with Vol. 3: Monsters, Magic, and Sky Ships. Flying vehicles from a variety of races will naturally be found in this supplement, along with mystic items and strange beasts. I find the “golems of the air” mentioned in the product description of particular interest, myself. New dragons and devils are also expected. The Complete Guide to Doppelgangers is the other November product, covering the shapeshifting species backwards and forwards. Author Keith Baker will provide combat tips, a species background, and even rules for Doppelganger characters, plus variations on the basic monster. Each of these nifty 32-page books will sell for $11 apiece and be just in time for your Thanksgiving weekend gaming.