Fantasy Flight Releases D20 On Multiple Fronts

Though still getting former AEG guy Kevin Wilson settled, Fantasy Flight has managed to keep cranking out the hits. The Nocturnum campaign just might be available in time for GenCon, which is sure to decrease the sanity of many Call of Cthulhu D20 characters. The modern day horror campaign details more than a dozen adventures that all lead toward a final, apocalyptic ending. In the meantime, Path of the Sword has run the gauntlet of printing devices and is now available. A sourcebook for the combative types (fighters, rangers, barbarians and monks), the book will introduce the concept of the Legendary Class, “high-level prestige classes for characters that have grown to such ability that they have become legends in their own time.” A variety of other rules will be presented as well, of course (an eight-page preview is available for the curious).

Daddy, Build Us A Mech
I have no choice but to applaud this sort of insanity. Next on the building schedule: a Death Star the size of the Epcot ball. Hey, now there’s a theme day I’d make the trip to Disneyworld for. Now you will witness the power of this fully operational theme park!