Humans Continue To Occupy Landfill

The CaBil, in association with Dirt Merchant Games, is bringing Human-occupied Landfill back into the light. HoL 2nd edition will ship to distributors next week, and will be at the Wizard’s Attic booth at GenCon. The hand-drawn book (yes, even the text. Yes, that book) will retail for $20, and may sell out again on novelty factor alone.

Buffy RPG To Premiere At GenCon
Eden Studios has announced that the Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG has gone into the final stages of printing, and will be available at GenCon. Copies of both the regular and limited edition versions will be available, and are sure to go fast. When you get to GenCon, head to booth 848 and stake your claim.

Origins 2002 Deemed A Success
The numbers are in, and according to GAMA Executive Director Mark Simmons, Origins 2002 had a total attendance of 11,299 people. This estimate has a lower margin of error than in previous years (only 4% this year) due to new registration software. Naturally, GAMA aims to reach even higher numbers next year.