Mutant Card Game on the Way!

We have all seen our precious pen and paper games turned into computer games.  Well card players rejoice, for the tables have turned.  Access Denied is the new computer hacker card game from Interformic Games.  With a 63 card deck it is up to you to crack the code before anyone else.  At the same time you have to protect your system from others.  Interformic Games has posted a list of startup cards on their site.  Ok.  You be Yahoo and I will be some recluse who sits in his basement and can’t handle social contact.  Ready…Set…Go!

Mutants and Masterminds Art and Characters Revealed
Green Ronin has posted two of the characters used to playtest their yet to be released Mutants and Masterminds.  Sam Wood (of D&D 3ed fame) did sketches of two characters, Inferna and the Pugilist from which author Steve Kenson created playable characters.  Inferna is a smoking teenage girl (I mean that literally, she smokes like a Yule log) who has been involved with some shady government chaps. The Pugilist is an immoral boxer who shows up whenever there is boxing to be done or worlds to be saved (where was he when we all had to sit through the Tom Cruise boxing scenes in Far and Away?).  Due in October 2002, Mutants and Masterminds promises to be one heck of a $32.00 rulebook.