Lots of News from Pinnacle

Pinnacle has dropped a couple of pieces of news in the last few days:

  • Toxic Tunes is Back!  The Hell on Earth soundtrack, lost at the pressing plant, has been repressed by Pinnacle and is being offered for sale for the paltry sum of $8.00.  If you are really in the mood for gaming music, you can get Hell on Earth and the Weird Western soundtrack, Weird Wailin’s, for $20.00.

  • Pinnacle has been nice enough to post a “test drive” version of their new Savage Worlds game system.  In addition, you can take a look at the first adventure for Savage Worlds, The Red Swamp.  Download PDFs of each and try it before you buy it (ouch that cliché hurts).

  • A friend of Pinnacle has come to the aid of all card lovers and put up the money for Pinnacle to print The Last Crusade: the Russian Front.  The Russian cards will appear as a boxed “factory set” so you won’t have to worry about collectibility for the new troops, vehicles, or specials. The plan is to have the cards ready by Christmas.