Colonies Established

Politically Incorrect Games has announced the release of The Colonies RPG. Clocking in at 67 PDF pages for $8.95, The Colonies provides all you could want in a sci-fi roleplaying experience: “powered armor, contagious nanotech units, genetic enhancements, loads of weapons, drugs, and bio-mechanical implants.” The game can be purchased and downloaded from the PIGames’ website, from the RPGnet Virtual Mall, or from

Eden Revises Release Schedule
In the midst of moving from California to New York, Eden Studios has announced its revised list of product releases for the next few months. Note that the Buffy RPG will still be available at GenCon:

  • August: Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG (regular and Limited Edition)
  • September: BtVS Director’s Screen (Buffy RPG), Unseen Hand (Conspiracy X)
  • October: Terra Primate (new corebook), Pulp Zombies (AFMBE), Book of More Flesh (anthology novel)
  • November: Slayer’s Handbook (Buffy), Waysides: The Book of Taverns (d20)

Terra Primate should be an interesting one: an RPG that has rules for any setting where intelligent apes are the focus. From Planet of the Apes to Congo, Eden will have you covered.

Alien Menace Scanning For Victims
Alien Menace, the folks behind such titles as Danger Guy, Juggler’s Jam and Sucking Vacuum, are looking for playtesters. Interested applicants should fly by the website and apply. Be sure to tell them about your prior experience with being probed — er, I mean, with playtesting and gaming.