Wiz-War To Go Digital

Our buddy Tom Jolly dropped us a line to say that one of the Cave’s favorite games, Wiz-War, will be making the conversion to computer screens by the end of 2003. CodeFire, Inc. has acquired the interactive rights from Jolly Games, and intends to develop both a “3D action shooter for game consoles based on the Wiz-War property as well as an online personal computer version.” Since Magic: The Gathering was inspired in part by Wiz-War, and Magic’s been in computer form for some time now, is it any wonder that the classic Wiz-War will make the leap as well? Can I get an “amen”?

That’s not all the juicy Wiz-War news, either. Wiz-War: 8th edition will be out by the end of this month as well, featuring full color cards, 25 more cards overall, and art by David K. Wong. You know what we say: the bigger the Wiz-War, the better the battle. Hell, I may have to drag out my old set for GenCon, and possibly Drakon and Vortex as well. Anyone who calls me a Jolly ogre gets swatted, though.