Steve Jackson Announces November Releases

Steve Jackson Games has announced a whole new slew of releases for November.  Included in this schedule:

  • Chez Greek: a fraternity / sorority version of the popular Chez Geek card game, this will be packed with activities such as parties and panty raids.
  • GURPS Assassins:  Now this is more my speed. Be a killer, be a sneak, this is what role-playing is all about.
  • GURPS Traveller: Humaniti:  A major work on the history and future of the 13 races descended from the inhabitants of Terra.
  • GURPS Deadlands: Varmints: Old west monsters and icky things. Includes monster conversions from the original Deadlands from Pinnacle.  These things should scare the prairie poop out of any mean Weird West posse (despite my original hunch, there are no man-eating dance hall girls).
  • I, HERO’s Got Some Sad News
    IHERO sent out a mailer to to faithful with the bad news that their next four books have been delayed.  To tide us over until these fiction tomes can be released, IHERO has posted a bit of super hero fiction on their web site.  You can check out Blind Revenge by Frank Fradella if you have the time.  Misunderstandings with Diamond Distributors and some ongoing trademark disputes with Hero Games, cited as reasons for the delay.

    WarHammer Chronicles has Invaded the Web
    Game Workshop has kindly decided to post the ever popular White Dwarf column WarHammer Chronicles on their ever changing web page.  If you have not seen this feature in print, WarHammer Chronicles takes a close look at the WarHammer rules, background, and yet to be released game additions.  Cruise by and check it out.