Monsternomicon At GenCon, Plus WarMachine Preview Figs

This is a d20 System alert: Privateer Press has announced that The Monsternomicon will be in attendance at GenCon. The 200+ page book will add significant details from the Iron Kingdoms, including more than 80 creatures, each with a minimum of two pages devoted to it. A few new races, prestige classes, and special rules round things out, including what Privateer calls “Quickplates: quick templates to boost your monsters when you just need to bump up the Challenge Rating a bit.” Should be interesting.

Privateer will also be selling preview figures from the long-awaited WarMachine miniatures game, which isn’t due to arrive in stores ’til November. Can’t make it to the con, but need those minis? Privateer has you covered with a temporary e-commerce site to order your WarMachine through, but only during the GenCon timeframe.

Gaming Frontiers Vol. 2 Review Posted
Taking a thick magazine head-on, Joe brings us some notes on Gaming Frontiers #2 by United Playtest. With the magazine’s third issue coming soon, this may give you some idea of what to expect.