Fast Forward Speeds Along

Fast Forward Entertainment has a variety of new products selling like hotcakes at the show. Orcfest is an introductory d20 adventure that helps guide new players into the vast realms of adventure ahead. The new issues of Campaign and Games Unplugged were lurking in the booth as well, and the Encyclopedia of Demons & Devils: Volume 2 arrived fresh from the printer on the second day of the con. Like its predecessor, Volume 2 is packed with nasty beasts and great illustrations, and is a big thick book capable of crushing small animals. Also, the dice game Inning-A-Minute: Baseball was making a fair showing, and looked like a potential winner with sports enthusiasts. The game requires players to select their dice to roll according to what play they’d like to attempt, match up the results and go with whatever comes up most. Football and Basketball versions will follow soon.