New Releases Slowly Lurching Forth at Pagan

I gave Pagan Publishing a hard time about the continually-upcoming The Hills Rise Wild supplement, The Reanimated. According to Pagan, the set is ready, entirely done, but stock market changes have… delayed funding. The current estimate is to release the set by Christmas, unless someone with cash to spare wants to step up and chip in. Pagan is also plugging away at Delta Green D20, a sure sell, which is also targeting a Christmas season release. The shelves weren’t bare, though, as The Resurrected III: Out of the Vault is freshly released for GenCon. This book “resurrects” ten Call of Cthulhu scenarios from the earliest issues of The Unspeakable Oath. If you don’t quite remember the other volumes in the Resurrected series, that’s probably because they came out in the mid ’90s.