Citizen Games Harasses OgreCave Reporter

Michael and Rob of Citizen Games tried to influence my posts while at GenCon (they got online from the computer next to me at the convention center). I resisted their offers of cash, and had already received Sidewinder and the new Masterscreen: Customizable GM Screen before the subject of bribery even came up. So the post they asked for, stating simply “Citizen Games Rox!” in two inch high letters, will not come to pass. However, I’ll tell you that several companies are working on PDF GM screens to print and use with Masterscreen, including Bastion Press, Gold Rush Games, Grey Ghost Press, Living Room Games, Otherworld Creations, Paradigm Concepts, Tyranny Games, and Wingnut Games.

Dungeoneer should be out around November, despite the official page still saying March ’02. Way of the Witch is due in a couple of weeks, and the Citizen Games booth was proudly displaying cover art for Path of the Magi, scheduled for a December release. I also had a look at an upcoming project the company has in the works, but I ain’t tellin’ you until I get the go-ahead.