Spell Decks, Other Printings From Paradigm

Let’s face it: TSR’s old spell decks were a good idea gone horribly wrong. Paradigm Concepts has a new attempt at easy reference spell cards with three sets of Spell Decks : Mysteries of the Arcane (arcane spells), Blessings of the Divine (divine spells), and Songs of the Wild (spells for rangers, druids and bards). Each set contains 360 spell cards covering the range of core D&D3e books, plus a sprinkling of selections from Green Ronin, Twin Crowns and Ambient Press. Mastery of the Mind, a set of cards for psionic powers, is ready to go to print, but until the WotC corrects the admitted oversight in the SRD, psionic power descriptions are off limits. Paradigm expects to go to press shortly, though. Additionally, the company’s website will soon have a PDF available of the metamagic feat cards, which can be printed and clipped to the appropriate spells.

Paradigm’s latest releases were on display at GenCon: Carnival of Swords, a supplement for the Living Arcanis RPGA campaign, Forged In Magic, which fully details 417 new mystic items, and Lords of the Peaks: The Essential Guide to Giants, which combines efforts with Green Ronin Publishing‘s Hammer & Helm dwarves supplement. While I didn’t hear the outcome of the Living Arcanis Assault Upon the Gate of Tears tournament, Paradigm president Henry Lopez told me that several tables were running the event, so it’s a good thing Paradigm brought additional RPGA judges.

Coming up for Paradigm are two Races of Legend supplements, Eldest Sons and Unveiled Masters. Both will take advantage of the OGL Interlink with Green Ronin to double the pleasure, double the fun. Paradigm’s Eldest Sons: The Essential Guide to Elves will pair up with GR’s Wrath & Rage: A Guidebook to Orcs and Half-Orcs, while Unveiled Masters: The Essential Guide to Mind Flayers will intertwine with GR’s Plot & Poison: A Guidebook to Drow.