Eilfin Publishing and Undiscovered: The

Eilfin Publishing and Undiscovered: The Quest for Adventure
Eilfin publishing has released Undiscovered Quests & Adventures #2, an e-zine containing all sorts of stuff for their core game. Issue #2 includes:

  • 2 adventures designed for Undiscovered (though they can both be easily modified to fit your favorite fantasy game)
  • 18 new spells; 3 new spells for each of the 6 covens of magic
  • 2 short stories
  • Detailed information on the Astman Jungles, a kingdom southeast of the Empire of Vrod (the empire that is fully detailed in the Undiscovered core rulebook)
  • A column of “secret” information, by Slather, the God of the Unknown
  • 7 new monsters; 5 of which can be found in the Astman Jungles
  • A new adventuring race: Half-Dwarves
  • A fully detailed town setting (with map).

Sounds like the original Dragon Magazine reborn.