September Releases from Avalanche Press

September Releases from Avalanche Press
The wargame masters of Avalanche Press have announced a few choice releases for this month. Instead of wargames though, all of these titles are for the d20 System:

  • Eagles Of The Empire: Napoleon In The Desert: You can be Old Nappy himself. Be the one to blow the nose off the Sphinx (ok, that’s probably a folk tale, but now you can really do it). See what it was like to be on top of the world without having to be French.
  • All For One & One For All: Exploits of the Musketeers without the Samurai/Hong Kong exploits of Tim Roth.
  • Dawn Of The Aztecs: SEE what it was like to be in the New World, before Columbus. FEEL how much fun it must have bee to torture and subjugate weaker tribes. All with new D20 feats and classes.
  • Celtic Age: This hardbound source book brings the fascinating world of the Celts to life (ok, no joke, this sounds like a cool book).