Good News for D20 Otaku

Dream Pod 9 has announced a February 10th release date for their D20 Mecha Compendium. It covers mecha for every genre, including fantasy, steam-punk, science-fiction, and modern/near future. Also, in a fit of deranged generosity, they have included D20 stats for all of their in-house mecha designs. “Alright, I’m going to launch an alpha strike against the dragon, then spray that horde of kobolds with my chaingun.”

In other DP9 news, the Tribe 8 Player’s Handbook is at the printers, soon to ship with full conversion rules for D20. The Core Command system, due in March, is also slated for D20 compatability. Finally, DP9 has just released Wehrmacht Zombie Troops in 15mm. Yep, undead Nazis…just the thing for the CoC GM who has everything.