Sabertooth coyly announces Warhammer Fantasy CCG for spring

There’s this press release going, “We’re doing this amazing new fantasy thing and it needs playtesters” (the exact quote is below), but then on this company bio-kinda page they flat out say they’re making a Warhammer CCG to follow up the 40K one. Not sure whom they’re trying to tease, given that we all know Games Workshop co-owns them anyway. However, one interesting thing to wonder about is whether the gameplay will be substantially different, maybe more skirmish-y as befits recent WHFantasy minis-gaming developments. From the release, it doesn’t appear so, but “a game of epic battles” could mean anything.

From the Sabertooth release:

Sabertooth Games, manufacturer of the popular Warhammer 40,000 collectible card game is preparing for the launch of the greatest fantasy CCG to date. A game of epic battles where your every decision will have thunderous repercussions, this CCG promises to raise the standards for all games to follow. Sabertooth Games plans to release the game in early Spring.

I am currently looking for volunteers who would like to be a part of this new experience from the ground floor.

Contact if you’re into it.